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what i'm listening to -- 5.13.19

I'm a big believer in sharing the work that inspires us. As a result, here are some songs and albums that I've had on repeat lately.

1. Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties -- Routine Maintenance

Imagine if Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years fronted The Mountain Goats, then wrote a series of songs detailing a cross-country odyssey that ends in making the conscious choice to be "someone you can count on for a change."

Key Tracks: "Lead Paint and Salt Air," " Rosa & Reseda," "Routine Maintenance"

2. Jimmy Eat World -- Clarity

Always worth revisiting when you find yourself in a period of self-discovery.

Key Tracks: "A Sunday," "Goodbye Sky Harbor"

3. Vampire Weekend -- Father of The Bride


Key tracks: "Hold You Now (feat. Danielle Hiam)," "This Life"

4. blink-182 - "Blame It On My Youth"

I've been a blink since I was a kid and their recent releases with Matt Skiba are some of their best efforts. While this first single off an upcoming album that promises to be more experimental than 2016's California doesn't quite pack the punch I'd like, it' definitely shows the band pushing in a more experimental direction.

5. Amanda Palmer - "The Ride"

I'll make the embarrassing confession that I hadn't listened to Amanda Palmer or her band, The Dresden Dolls, prior to reading her book, The Art of Asking (which I highly recommend for anyone and everyone). After hearing her on a recent episode of Brian Koppelman's The Moment, listening to her new album, There Will Be No Intermission, became one of my top priority's. This particular song, a sweeping ballad depicting the despair and restlessness so many of us encounter these days, absolutely ruined me the first time I heard it. "The climb to the crest is less frightening with someone to clutch you, but isn't it nice when we're all afraid at the same time?" she asks in the gradual slope towards the chorus. Somehow, picturing Amanda sitting and singing beside me makes getting through these days a little easier.


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